Continuous & Adaptive

Governance isn't something you do once and leave alone, and it's not a one size fits all.  Your SharePoint and Office 365 environments are unique and they evolve, so you need a governance solution that follows a cycle of discovery, enforcement, monitoring and learning.

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Discover sensitive data

Intelligent Discovery of Sensitive Data

Start by getting deeper insights into what content you have, where it resides and who is using it.  Your collaboration platform holds precious data; whether it's your intellectual property or regulated data such as Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or Protected Health Information (PHI).  Metalogix provides a patent-pending machine learning Data Loss Prevention solution designed specifically for SharePoint and Office 365 to comprehensively discover all of your sensitive data.

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Automate Policy Enforcement

Next, use these insights to automatically set and enforce governance policies that will provide the guard rails for normal and compliant business behavior. Users are empowered to automatically follow policies without disruption to productivity.

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SharePoint policy enforcement

Monitor Anomalous Activity

Even with guard rails in place, it's important to continuously monitor user behavior to detect and automatically react to anomalous activity – like excessive file downloads and page views. In addition to monitoring compliance against 'in-place' governance policies, Metalogix's unique machine-learning capability learns what constitutes normal activity for your users and can alert or trigger automated policy reactions when users operate outside of these boundaries.

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Close the Loop

Governance is not static. Risks change as usage changes and new threats emerge, so it's critical that you are continuously evolving your policies based on what you learn from day-to-day operations.  We work with our customers to ensure they have a complete system of enforcement and improvement in place for their SharePoint and Office 365 environments; one that learns and adapts without inhibiting users from getting work done.

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Permissions and Auditing Fundamentals

SharePoint and Office 365 permissions management, auditing and reporting are easy when it's just a few sites, but when you have many sites or multiple farms, things get harder. While Microsoft has made some improvements in auditing and reporting with each new version of SharePoint, many gaps still remain. Metalogix can help you plug those gaps to automate fundamental SharePoint administration.

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