Defense & Intelligence

Whether on-base or in-theater, the ability to securely transfer cross domain information is essential for mission success. Metalogix's suite of solutions arm defense and intelligence agencies with the ability to streamline operations, manage mission-critical content, reduce backup times and protect sensitive information against threats both external and internal.

Federal Civilian

Federal civilian agencies are feeling the pressure of a wide variety of executive mandates spanning anything and everything from modernization, to consolidation and optimization, to records storage, to privacy. Metalogix helps agencies, not only in meeting these mandates, but also in cutting costs, decreasing redundancy and increasing security in the process.

State and Local

State and local government organizations need to be able to collaborate with ease, even across a multitude of distributed locations and government offices. Metalogix can help reduce time and money spent on administrative tasks while managing their content with ease so that they can focus on what matters most - building thriving communities.


Collaboration is one of the keys to education at every level. Whether you want to simplify Microsoft SharePoint and Exchange or migrate to Office 365, our integrated, easy-to-install solutions help schools/universities consolidate information silos into a leaner and more affordable architecture, while enabling collaboration for improved learning.